Augarnath Temple

Augarnath Mandir

Augarnath Temple – This temple (also known as Kalipaltan Mandir locally) is located in the cantonment area in the Meerut metropolis of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

It is believed that the Shivalinga in this temple is Swayambhu. That is, this Shivling itself has come out of the earth. Only then is it a true fruit. Along with fulfilling the wishes of the devotees in the form of Shuddhadani in the form of Shiva, they give peace messages. Along with this, we also publish the revolution in the form of Nataraja. Since Lord Shiva is present here in the form, it is called Augarnath Temple. By the way, it is also called Kali Paltan Temple.

The establishment

No definite time of the establishment of this temple is known, but according to Janashruti, it existed before the first Indian freedom struggle as a sacred place of worship between the city and the surrounding people. The history of the Veer Marathas mentions the victory journeys of many Peshwas who worshiped Lord Shankar here. This temple has a special contribution to the first Indian freedom struggle of 1857.

Augarnath Mandir

This temple is built of white marble, on which excellent carving is also done at the place. The main temple in the middle is dedicated to Baba Bholenath and Maa Parvati, whose summit is very high. The urn is installed on top of that peak. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, gentle life-size idols of God and Bhagwati are installed and the Shiva family is present with Siddha Shivalinga down the middle. Outside its northern gate is a huge statue of his vehicle Nandi bull installed. Very beautiful glasswork has been done on the pavilion and roof inside the sanctum sanctorum.

Radha Krishna Temple

On the northern side of this temple, the second temple is dedicated to Radha-Krishna, whose shikhara is also as high as the main temple. There are many beautiful paintings in the circumambulation of this temple. Very attractive and magnificent idols of Radha Krishna are installed in a beautiful silver pavilion in the Garbha Griha. A large pavilion is built outside the sanctum sanctorum.

Satsang Bhawan

To the south of the main temple is the Satsang Bhawan.