Work From Home

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Work From Home

(Work From Home) WFH is a concept where the employee can do his work from home using company approved assets, policies and equipment. WFH gives flexible and Remote working hours to the employee as well as ease of work for the employer. WFH helps in providing work life balance to the employee, and at the same time helps the company in getting the job done. Nowadays, Some Companies , most of the employees are giving this option to their employees.
Also Work from home (or work from home) is a modern work approach enabled via the Internet and mobility, in which work can be done regardless of an individual’s physical location. (Work from home) WFH is also known as working telecommunications or remotely, which means that the employee is usually working from a remote location in the home and any location.

Importance of the Work from Home (WFH) Concept
Work from home as a concept is very important in present times. It helps in keeping the productivity of the employee at the same or even better and at the same time supports the employee to be with the family or take up some personal work. Also, work from home (WFH) can be a good tool to help the employee stay at home and work at the same time if the employee is facing any health issues for himself or her family. .

Advantages of Work from Home (WFH)
Benefits of working from home.

1. There are more job applicants for a particular job in which some people with space constraints or disabled people can apply for the job. Parents with children who have left the job can also be hired.
2. More work life balance. Many people claim that there is a more calm or friendly environment at home which helps them to focus on the task and also they can complete the assigned work more quickly.
3. There are a lot of savings with respect to the cost of office infrastructure like spaces, electricity bills etc.
4. Employees feel motivated because they get a good work life balance, and their productivity improves

Work From Home Tips

Companies should encourage employees to WFH but provide some tips to enable effective work from home like

1. Asking the employee to work the hours he would otherwise work in the office
2. Maintain a Proper Agenda
3. If personal leave is being taken for personal work, appropriate positions should be sent to the manager
4. Designate a place at home where work can be Done in a professional setting
5. You make sure you have proper internet and mobile connectivity aslo.

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