Sardhana Church

Sardhana Church

The historical church built by Begum Samru at Sardhana, about 20 kilometers from the Meerut headquarters, is a unique example of harmony, faith, imagination, and history. Its glory is made on observing it. The  Sardhana Church considers the Christian community to be the pilgrimage center of Mary, the mother of grace. It is believed that Mata Maryam blesses her devotees. People of all religions and creeds come here with kids to share the blessings of Mother Mary. The name of Sardhana also shines on the international pane due to this church.

Grand palace of begum samru

Begum Samru’s palace, located at a distance from the church, is also unique. This building has now taken the form of Saint Charles Inter College. The palace features colorful carvings on the walls and ceilings of the bathrooms. Its true color is still intact. Its construction work was also on Anthony Regilini, who gave the church a grand look. The construction of the palace took about ten years. After the construction of the church was completed, its construction started in the year 1825 and was completed in 1835. Begum remained in this palace for only one year and died in 1836. The real door of the palace is to the north. This is called the ‘Lion Door’. From the time of Begum till its change in school, the main gate was Sher Darwaja.

Main Events

1.Every year on the second Saturday and Sunday of November, the Festival of Mothers of Grace is held here.

2..A grand fair is held at the church on Christmas Feast. Even on Christmas day thousands of people come to see the church.

3.Special prayers are held every Sunday in November and December. – Special prayers are offered in the church on Easter and Good Friday too.

Scenic Spots

Here Begum Samru Mahal, Roman Catholic Church, Cemetery of Begum Samru, Jama Masjid, more than ten Digambar Shwetambar Jain Temple, Arya Temple, Hindu Temple, Ganga Canal, Veer Abdul Hameed Park, APJ Abdul Kalam Park, Swimming Pool, etc. The scenic spot is located.

Miracle picture story

When the demand for retaining this church shrine was raised. In the year -1955, Agra’s Archbishop JB Ivanje Listi visited Italy, he got a chance to interact with the people of the city of Leghorn in Tuscany. On the hill of Mountaineiro near the town of Leghorn is the famous place of pilgrimage of ‘Mother of Grace’. The head chief here told him that he wanted a copy of this miraculous picture of his mother for Sardhana’s church Meerut. After this, the artists were photographed. In the picture, the two gold crowns placed on the head of the mother and child were the gift of the people of Leghorn, who were stolen in 1972. When the Archbishop went to meet Saint Pope Pius 12th on 25 September 1955, he also took this picture with him. He expressed his intention to start a pilgrimage in North India in front of him. He agreed without hesitation and decorated this picture and gave it to him. After this, the Archbishop took this picture to Saint Padre Pio, who had ‘five wounds’ on his body like Jesus Christ. He kissed the picture with love and said that he will pray that Mata Maryam is more kind to the people of India.